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Handling of Your Personal Information | Aureo Co., Ltd.

Handling of Your Personal Information

【Privacy Policy】

Aureo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) respects the privacy of our Customers and pledges to protect the personal information provided by the Customers in a safe and appropriate manner in accordance with the terms of the Company’s Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is always available on the web site of the Company.

【Use of Customers’ Personal Information】

The Company uses the personal information provided by our Customers for the purpose of and to the extent necessary for delivering purchased Goods or sending information materials or questionnaires through communication means such as direct mailing, telephone calls, faxes and e-mails. If we intend to collect or use personal information for other purposes, we will notify the customers and seek their consent prior to any such use.

【Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties】

The Company will not disclose any personal information of a customer to any third party without the consent of the Customer unless it is required by law to do so.

【Share of Personal Information with Third Parties】

The Company may occasionally engage third parties to perform certain services on behalf of the Company. If we need to share personal information about customers with such third parties or entrust them with the handling of personal information, we will conduct a thorough prior investigation into the trustworthiness and reliability of such third parties and will ensure through adequate supervision that the confidentiality of personal information is fully protected and maintained.

【Disclosure or Deletion of Customers’ Personal Information】

If customers wish to have their personal information disclosed, or changed or deleted, they are requested to identify themselves by name, address and telephone number when they instruct us to do so.

【Contact for Inquiries about Personal Information】

If you have any question or opinion about the Company’s handling of personal information, please use the following contact.

■ Contact for inquiries about Personal Information